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🚨Grant Opportunity Extended!🚨

The Creators for Creators 2022 $30,000 grant submission deadline has been extended two months to May 31st, 2022.

The grant, established in 2017, is funded by working professionals in the comic book industry with the goal of helping new creators complete and publish original work by providing funding, mentorship and publishing opportunities.

The recipient has total control over how and where they choose to publish their work once it is completed, whether they choose to submit it to a creator-owned publisher or release it themselves in any format. Iron Circus Comics and Image Comics have both pledged to support the recipient by publishing their work, if the recipient so chooses. No matter their choice, the recipient retains all rights to their work.

Last year's winner was Nicolette Bocalan (aka skelehime), who proposed a horror comic called The Acorn.

The Acorn is the story of a trio of siblings who travel to a remote forest where their father, a scientist, disappeared one year ago. They have only two clues to his whereabouts: his final letter and the enclosed acorn,” Bocalan explained.

For more about the grant and to apply, go to

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