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Women in Comics
All Month Long

Welcome to VisibleWomen, a dynamic platform dedicated to elevating the presence and work of women in the comic book industry. As we transition from a social media hashtag initiative to a comprehensive non-profit organization, our mission expands to include educational resources and a searchable database showcasing the talents and achievements of women in our field. This evolution, powered by the dedication of our amazing volunteers, is an ambitious leap forward and we are still in the trenches. 

Despite our behind-the-scenes work, we couldn't let Women's History Month pass without celebration. Traditionally, VisibleWomen has been a bi-annual event, taking place in March and August. This March, we're excited to introduce a special blog series spotlighting different women in comics every day--pioneering women from our past, current powerhouses, and the talented young firebrands who are shaping the comics industry of tomorrow.

Join us in this month-long celebration by clicking through below to explore the diverse and inspiring contributions of women to the comic book world.

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(Hey you. You can sit with us.)

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